Welcome to Tarn London, thanks so much for dropping by!  

Tarn London is curated by owner Tanya Zendra which all began through buying antiques for her own home in South West London. With a longstanding love of buying beautiful, old classic pieces, she wanted to share her passion and make them available for your beautiful homes too. Tanya is a homemaker, curator and stylist by nature and knows exactly what she likes and will never buy anything she wouldn’t have in her own home. 

Growing up in Shropshire Tanya was surrounded by antiques and beautiful old homes which have influenced her eclectic taste and living in London for the past 10 years has inspired a mix of old, modern and contemporary all together.

We hope you enjoy your visit and hopefully we can help you find something you will cherish for a very long time. 

At the moment, Tanya is balancing life as a new mother as well keeping this passion of Tarn alive!  We will aim to keep art restocked every few weeks, and furniture every 4-6 weeks. We will keep you updated on this via instagram or email (if you wish to sign up to be contacted via email) with release dates of new pieces so keep an eye out!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions - we love to speak to all our wonderful customers.

Tanya xx